A Surprising Escape - Virtual Escape Room

Welcome To Ankh-Morpork

As part of the Virtual Discworld Fun Day activities, we will be running A Surprising Escape - a virtual escape room experience!

What is a virtual Escape Room?

Escape Rooms (in real life) are usually physical locations where you can try and solve lots of logical puzzles themed around a story - escaping from a jail, solving a mystery, or whatever. Inspired by Escape This Podcast, you can get a similar feel to the puzzles of an Escape Room with the imagination-filled experience of a tabletop role playing game (such as Dungeons and Dragons). It's also like playing a point-and-click or text based adventure game (such as Zork, or Monkey Island).

A Surprising Escape is a special Discworld-themed virtual Escape Room written for (the unfortunately cancelled) Nullus Anxietas 7a, which we will run for you and your friends as part of the Virtual Discworld Fun Day.

How do I play?

You and up to three friends can play A Surprising Escape by signing up using the form below. At your assigned timeslot, you will join a virtual video call with one of our Game Masters, who will run you through the virtual escape room experience. The game master describes the story, your team makes notes, and then you get to decided what to examine further, and what actions to take. Take the correct action or use an item in the right way, and you've solved a puzzle and can progress further!

The game master will guide you with story and hints along the way - there is no way to fail a virtual escape room - just ask for extra hints if you need them!

The game should take approximately 1 hour to play.

What do I need to play?

  • At least one friend - it's no fun doing these alone! If you are flying solo and don't mind joining another group, just write this in the 'Any questions' box on your form below and we'll try and find you a group.
  • A computer or mobile device. We suggest something with a reasonable sized screen (such as a tablet, laptop or PC). The game master will be sharing several pictures with you, so you will want to be able to see them clearly.
  • Good quality internet. Ideally we will play with video switched on in addition to audio, so everyone can see everyone else's faces!
  • Headphones/earphones or a headset with microphone (it's good for preventing echo).
  • Pen and paper (or a text file editor) to make notes

Most likely we will be using Zoom or Discord to run the play sessions - so it may be useful to ensure you have those apps installed and are familiar with how to use them. The link to join will be emailed to your team before your scheduled play session.

Ok, I'm keen. How do I sign up?

Please complete the form below for your team. One person can sign the entire team up, but please list everyone's email addresses so we can keep everyone informed.

Select your preferred play times and we'll be in touch to confirm an exact time slot. Select the state that all (or most) of your team live in, or if you're not in Australia, please let us know where you do live and what timezone you're in - all of this will help with scheduling!

Sessions will be held between June 6 and July 3, 2022 - we'll try and find a time that's convenient for both you and one of our game masters!



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