Maskerade Costume Competition

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“There's a kind of magic in masks. Masks conceal one face, but they reveal another. The one that only comes out in darkness. I bet you could do just what you liked, behind a mask ... ?”

What is the Maskerade?

In convention parlance, the Maskerade is the costume and talent competition. So here’s your chance to show us your costume, prop or costume accessory as part of the Virtual Discworld Fun Day.

This can be something old, something new, something bought, something made… We really would like to see it!

Entry is free, and all you need to do is submit a photo or two with your entry form - and prizes will be awarded to the best in each category!

Granny Weatherwax

Granny Weatherwax from "The Sea and Little Fishes" by Elaine Perkins - Winner of the Maskerade at the Lost Con 2021.

Rules and Regulations

    1. It is free to enter, that’s right folks FREE, and that’s cuttin’ me own throat.
    2. Costume/prop/accessory must not have won a prize at any previous Australian Discworld Convention or virtual event.
      If you previously entered it, but didn't win, you can still enter it again!
    3. Entry forms and the corresponding photos or videos must be submitted by 12.00 midnight Saturday 4th June, 2022 (Sydney time)
    4. Your costume/prop/accessory should be inspired by a character or element of any Discworld novel or any other story written by Terry Pratchett.
    5. All entries will be judged, by poll, at the time of the event by the attendees of the Virtual Discworld Fun Day.
    6. By entering this competition you agree that your photo or video may be used as publicity for future Australian Discworld Conventions.

How do I enter?

It's fairly simple!

Upload your photo(s) or video(s) of your costume, prop or costume accessory to an internet site where we can download them from. This could be a cloud service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or DropBox, or an image hosting site like Imgur. Make sure you keep a copy of the URL to your photos/videos, and that they are visible to anyone with the link (i.e. public viewing permission).

Then, fill in the form below, including the link to your photos/videos, and hit the submit button!

Any further questions, please contact us.





Please make sure the link is publicly visible

Character, book, scene, etc.


What's it made of? Highlight things we should know about.

Give us a story about the creation process! This is for extra flavour when we present your entry.

(In case you win!)

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