Welcome To Ankh-Morpork

Wellcome to Ankh-Morpork, Citie of One Thousand Surprises!

Our convention is not just about Ankh-Morpork, it is also about surprises! And you have just found another one!

Here you will find some interesting "Tweets" (as in "what a little bird told me") about Lord Vetinari's plans for the convention, brought to you through the magic of the Clacks.

The Lost Con

(This is all very secret - so well done if you are reading this!)

When we took the hard decision to postpone the convention until 2022, we also felt that we wanted to celebrate the original dates somehow. The working title is "The Lost Con" - an obvious reference to "The Last Continent", which in turn was Terry's pun on the book "The Lost Continent". This tells you a lot about the sense of humour of your committee!

  • It will be a virtual event
  • It will be open to all members (attending¬†and supporting)
  • It will run on Saturday, 3rd July 2021, provisionally from 6pm till midnight
  • We will leak details as we develop them
  • We have sent Keith and Roderick (our mascots) to find the Lost Con

 Raiders of the Lost Con