The Lost Con

Welcome To Ankh-Morpork

Due to embuggerance of COVID-19, Nullus Anxietas 7a - the in-person convention - has been delayed until 8th - 10th April 2022.

However, we plan to celebrate the original dates with a virtual event:

The Lost Con

Saturday 3rd July 2021 from 4pm to midnight AEST (Sydney time).

Raiders of the Lost Con

This will be a chance for us all to catch up and have some fun. This will be open to all convention members, attending and supporting.

Lost Con Events

  • Opening Ceremony
  • A virtual escape room - what is the secret of the Postmaster's Office?
  • A fiendish Discworld quiz
  • A virtual Maskerade (costume and prop competition)
    • See more info below, and enter NOW!
  • A radio play of "The Truth"
  • Interviews with special guests. See more details here!
  • And bedtime stories to finish.

So pick up your Fedora and whip and become a Raider of the Lost Con and join us online on Saturday, July 3rd!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lost Con?

The Lost Con is an online, virtual convention happening on Saturday, July 3rd, 2021. It will take place from 4pm to midnight, AEST (Sydney time).

How do I sign up for The Lost Con?

If you already have a supporting or attending membership for Nullus Anxietas 7a, then that's the only ticket you need!

If you haven't got a membership yet, buy a Supporting Membership here. The great thing is that it means you can also upgrade to attend the 2022 convention at the earlybird price!

All ticket holders should also ensure they have subscribed to our newsletter - we will be using this to email out more information and links.

How do I attend The Lost Con?

Details about the online platform and how to attend will be sent out to ticket holders via the newsletter - so make sure you are signed up!

You will need an internet connected device with reasonable bandwidth so you can watch video streams. We advise downloading the Zoom Meetings Client or iOS/Android app for your computer, tablet or phone in advance.

How do I participate in the quiz?

We are planning to use Kahoot! to run the quiz. We suggest using a smartphone or tablet to answer questions, separate from the device that you are watching the video stream on. Participation will be live, so you'll need to be quick on your fingers to get those points!

How do I participate in the virtual escape room?

Details and sign up for the virtual escape room can be found at this link.

How do I participate in the virtual Maskerade (costume/prop competition)?

If you have a costume or prop that you've made (or someone made it for you, or you bought it... it doesn't matter!), you can enter the virtual Maskerade by submitting a photo or video.

Categories are: Best Overall, Best Prop, Best Purchased Presentation, Best Costume, Best Newbie and People's Choice!

Who are the special guests?

Many guests will be joining us from all around Australia and even some in the UK! You can find out more about all the guests over on this page.

How do I participate in the other activities?

Many of the activities will just be live videos you can watch, which may or may not have a chat feature where you can give feedback or ask questions. We're still working on these details and will let you know what to do when we know!

Will any of the videos be available to watch after The Lost Con?

We can't guarantee it. Some events will definitely not be available at all, so your best bet is to participate on the day! So make sure you mark your calendar!