The Lost Con Colouring In Sheets

Welcome To Ankh-Morpork
  • Raiders of the Lost Con
  • Raiders of the Lost Con
  • Keith Jones
  • Roderick Jones

Special virtual merchandise for The Lost Con!

These are magnificent, detailed line drawings of some Lost Con artwork, available in three designs:

  • The Official Logo of The Lost Con
  • Intrepid hippo explorer Keith Jones
  • Adventurous hippo explorer Roderick Jones

Print them out! Colour them in!1 Stick them on the fridge! Bring them to Nullus Anxietas 7a in April 2022! (There may, or may not, be a prize!!!!!2)

Purchase any of these designs for only $8.88*... um... $2.00, or enter the special discount code for Lost Con members to receive it for FREE!!!!!

To find the special code, check the emails sent to you that contained the Lost Con Zoom link. Valid until 31st July, 2021.

This is a virtual item - it will be emailed to you in PDF format by one of our helpers after you complete your order. Please be patient as this is a manual process involving a real human being.

1 Pencils/textas/crayons/burnt sticks (or for that matter, paper) not supplied.

2 Uh-oh. You know what they say about multiple exclamation marks.

* Please do not repeat this out loud... did you hear that chittering noise?

  • $8.88 On sale: $2.00



  • $2.00

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