Virtual Hogswatch - Schedule of Events

Welcome To Ankh-Morpork

Virtual Hogswatch - Schedule of Events

Here's our schedule for Virtual Hogswatch. All times are Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time (Sydney), or GMT+1100.

Start Time Event Information
4:00 pm

Welcome Messages

HO. HO. HO. Welcome to our Virtual Hogswatch party! Find out what it's all about, how it will work on Zoom, and more!
4:30 pm Nanny Ogg's Cookery Class Nanny Ogg will teach you how to bake her Parkin Pig cake
4:40 pm Hogswatch Crafts Bring your craft supplies for a make-along and create some festive decorations.
See this page to know what to bring!
5:00 pm Ian Stewart - Science of Hogswatch Professor Ian Stewart FRS chats about his work on the Science of Discworld books.
5:35 pm Casanunda's Second Greatest Game Show Because we all know that the second greatest tries harder and thus succeeds! (Audience participation encouraged)
6:40 pm Hogswatch Carols Tune in for some hilarious virtual carolling. Grab the songsheet and sing along
7:00 pm Dinner/Breakfast break No matter what timezone you're in, here's your chance to roast some chestnuts and warm up the eggnog.
7:30 pm Scavenger Hunt Get into the spirit of Hogswatch with a scavenger hunt in your own home.
7:40 pm It's Controversial! Discuss some of the hot controversial topics in Discworld News!
8:00 pm Andrew Baker - The Amazing Maurice Join Amazing Maurice producer Andrew Baker for the scoop on making the animated film.
9:00 pm Colin Smythe Update from Colin Smythe, Terry Pratchett's agent, on what has been happening in Discworld publishing
9:15 pm Pratchat Ben and Elizabeth from Pratchat will relate their recent experiences with Nanny Ogg's Cookbook
9:30 pm Seasonal Greetings* Festive messages from diverse Discworld fans and creatives across the globe Disc.
9:45 pm Bedtime story and Closing Ceremony It's all over, time to get to bed so the Hogfather can come and deliver your presents (or, you know, stay up and party)
General Chatter And then, the Zoom room is open for all to chat!

*Only Twenty Pence.

(Please note that our schedule is subject to change - because things happen!)