Virtual Hogswatch

Welcome To Ankh-Morpork

Virtual Hogswatch

11th December 2021

Hogfather on his sleigh

Hogswatch is coming, the pig is getting fat,

Please put a penny in the old man's hat.

If you haven't got a penny, then a farthing would do,

If you haven't got a farthing, then....

... how about a Supporting Membership so that you can attend Virtual Hogswatch!

Virtual Hogswatch is open (and free) to all attending and supporting members of Nullus Anxietas 7a, our 2022 convention. It’s a chance for us all to catch up, have a bit of fun, and celebrate Hogswatch together! If you hold a supporting or attending membership, details of how to attend will be emailed to you (if you are signed up to the newsletter). To purchase a supporting membership, visit the shop.

Have you been good? Have you been naughty? Will the Hogfather leave you something exciting or just a piece of coal?

More details are coming soon -- you'd better watch out!

Play the Game Show

As part of Virtual Hogswatch, we are planning a game show. You may be familiar with the format. We will have a panel of contestants (plus you can play along at home). The host asks them a simple but open-ended Discworld-related question. And they have to guess what answers the surveyed audience chose. (And there's a secret surprising twist!)

Making things!

Learn to make some simple Hogswatch crafts, or join Nanny Ogg in the kitchen for some cookery (PG rated, we hope).

Sing your heart out!

At Hogswatch time, carol singing is a must! Join our choir of 1000 (suprising) voices to try and sing along to some wonderful Hogswatch songs (although it may just be a cacophony of noises, who knows?)

Special guests

We've secured a few all new special guests to come and wish you a Merry Hogswatch! (We'll tell you who they are soon, I promise!)

And more to come!