Charity Auction

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Our Convention Charity Auction

By tradition, our Discworld conventions have supported two charities. The money is raised through the Charity Auction and the sale of convention merchandise. For the auction, we trawl the Disc Roundworld for rare and unusual Discworld memorabilia.  We are always indebted to Colin Smythe, Sir Terry Pratchett’s agent, who has donated proof copies of Terry’s books as well as first print editions in different languages. If you have an item to donate to the auction, please contact us - the earlier the better! Last minute items are not accepted.

More details about our chosen charities will be listed on this page in the near future.

How does the auction work?

Included in your convention bag is a booklet with the details of the auction items available. (We may also post teasers on hot items here.)

The auction items will also be on display for your inspection and enticement before the actual auction. Some smaller items will be put on a silent auction where you make a written bid in advance at Ops.

Also in your convention bag you will find a bidding paddle showing your membership number. The systems is very simple:

  1. The auctioneers will announce an item and an opening price.
  2. If you are interested then raise your panel in the air.
  3. The auctioneers will shout out increasing monetary values at you. When the amount goes above what you wish to pay, you lower your paddle.
  4. When there is only one paddle left in the air, that person wins the item.
The auctioneers in action The excited bidders
The auctioneers in action The excited bidders